got a phone message from the church in texas that sent me that extremely long questionnaire (16 pages with my answers) and they said i made their even shorter list. so next week they will be calling me for a phone interview with their leadership team. and if all goes well with that, then i […]


the phone interview with the church in indiana went very well. just to catch you up to speed….. back in may they sent me a questionnaire to fill out and i did it and then sent it back to them within the next day or two. then i never heard back from them for a […]

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i found out that the 2 churches in michigan that had me on their short list decided to go with someone else. so unless something else comes up, it looks as if we will be moving out of state. we put our house up for sale by owner 2 weeks ago and have had a […]

happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!!!

two things in the past couple of weeks have brought me great joy and happiness! the first one i will mention is the most recent to happen……lance armstrong won his 7th and final tour de france! my passion for this race, which is the greatest sporting event and the greatest test of strength and human […]

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on friday, 1 july 2005, i got an email from a church in scottsdale, az that wanted to set up a phone interview with me. and the problem was this…. i was up north on vacation, but thanks to open wireless at a nearby microtel i was able to get my email and respond back […]