My Birthday Stuff

I got some cash for my birthday and a Master Card gift card. So today I went and spent it! Since I am somewhat of a computer geek I got stuff for my mac. I got a external hard drive case….. And a 160gb Seagate hard drive to go in it! I had a 40gb […]


For those of you who do not have a Cold Stone Creamery near you, let me express my deepest sympathies! For the rest of us lucky ones…… join the Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club and get your free ice cream on your birthday, like I am today! And here are the pics from that glorious […]

Back In The Saddle Again

Tomorrow, I get back in the saddle again. Kent has given me a wonderful opportunity to speak to RSM. He is doing a series on common heroes of the Bible and I get to talk about Abraham and I will also get to do Noah on March 12th and David on March 19th! That is […]

My Februray 25th Birthday Facts…..

This one is from….. Your date of conception was on or about 4 June 1972 which was a Sunday.You were born on a Sunday The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2441738.5.The year 1973 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/3/1973 and ending 1/22/1974.You were born […]


The City of Detroit is in serious financial problems, projected budget shortfall of $300 million dollars, so the mayor is looking into ways to save money. And one of the ideas is to cut the yearly funding for the zoo and turn it over to the zoological society to find it. This only amounts to […]

And Now a Word From the Jac…. err, Donkey!!!

“Yeah, Matt always thinks that,” said [Tony] Stewart, who had tapped Ryan Newman, enabling Kenseth to assume the lead on lap 57. “He has no room to complain. He started the whole thing, and I finished it. “I guess Matt didn’t think anything when he got me sideways over in (Turn) 2, either. He should […]

Congrats, Jimmie!!!

Congratulations, Jimmie Johnson on your first ever Daytona 500 win! And another great win for Hendrick Motorsports (the team’s 6th) and the car owner’s first as owner.

#3 Tribute

February 18, 2001 was a very sad day in NASCAR history. 5 Years ago at the Daytona 500 on the last lap one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR died on the last lap of the race. This 7 time cup winner changed the sport of racing. Many drivers looked up to him and learned […]

End of the Spear

Just got back from seeing this movie with my church and all I can say is, “WOW!!!” That is one of the most moving movies that I have ever seen and that includes The Passion of the Christ. While that was an extremely moving movie as well. But the difference between the two is this, […]

And The 3000th Visitor Was…..

Kathy!!! And we won’t comment on the fact that she cheated by refreshing the page! BTW, you win your choice of….. 1) A non-expenses paid trip to visit me here in cold Michigan, or 2) A mention in my blog! Choose your prize! And the counter is on the right hand side of the page, […]