No, this post is not about my extremelly hot wife, but it is about the hot day that we had today! It is really no secret that I love it hot! I would rather be sweating and enjoying the heat then to be freezing my butt off! Today it got pretty hot in my dad’s […]

Blog, Blogging, Blogged……

The word blog comes from two words being smashed together: web and log. The thing about most blogs though is that they are not private. You can make them private, but most people don’t. I have chosen not to make mine private. I figure if people want to read it and they don’t like what […]

She is 9!!!!!!!

I can not believe that Hannah is now 9 years old! Time flies so fast. It seemed like just yesterday we were heading off to the hospital for the birth of our first child. And now we are taking her to Cold Stone Creamery for her free ice cream. Where did all the time go?

8 Years in a Row!!!

After 2,272.4 miles, 21 days of riding (with only 3 rest days), and 89 hours 39 minutes 30 seconds of actual bike riding time (averaging 25 miles per hour) Floyd Landis has continued the American dominance in le Tour de France! After 7 years of dominance by Lance Armstrong everyone was wondering who was going […]

They Are Growing Up So Fast!!!

As you can see in the pic above, Caleb has no front teeth on the top of his mouth. On Tuesday, when Kimmy and I where just starting our pre-marital counseling with a couple that I am performing the wedding ceremony of in September. Caleb came running into the room and said that his second […]

I Am Supposed to be Her Protector

Last week Monday, Kimmy fell out of our attic as she was getting on the ladder. The ladder rocked and went one way and she went the other. She came crashing back to earth on the hard concrete of our garage. after she fell she got up walked in the house and got some ice […]

It Was Only a Name Change, But…..

It really stirred up a lot of feelings in me. I found out the other day that my old student ministry changed their name. At first, I thought about how stupid that is. It bothers me when a church gets a new pastor to students and one of the first thing they do is change […]

Zoey’s First K-9 Cup

We took Zoey to the Custard Spot for her first taste of ice cream. And there they have what they call the K-9 cup. Basically, it is a bowl of soft serve ice cream with a dog biscuit on the side. When I put the cup down in front of her she saw the biscuit […]

Congratulazione Italia!!!

Italy won the 2006 World Cup! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let these do the job….. It was asked for! The Zidane meltdown taht led to his red card!

Our Family Vacation

Every year since I was a kid my family would take a camping trip up to the great city of Manistee, MI for the Fourth of July. You can where Manistee is on the map above. This little city puts on a really cool celebration for the Fourth of July called the Manistee National Forest […]