That Messed Me Up!!!

My church over the summer has guest speakers and artist and it is amazing to see how God will weave their messages together. Two in particular had messages that you would swear that the two had gotten together and planned out their messages with one doing part one and the other part two. But the […]

Dirty, Yellow Carpeting….

The church we went to visit on Sunday, while we were in California, was really cool. Not just because my friend is the tech guy over there. You could just tell that this was a church that was healthy and going somewhere. And that isn’t just because they have a well known worship leader, or […]

Cali- August 14th

***Don’t forget to go to the first day and read up, so you can get the whole story.*** Today we headed out to KT’s apartment to help her and Derek pack up her stuff into the truck to be shipped off to North Carolina. It took quite a bit of time to get it all […]

Cali- August 13th

On Sunday we went an visited Dirk’s church, Chrisitan Assembly in Eagle Rock. It was really cool! The worship leader there is Tommy Walker and he and the whole team were really good. The pastor who spoke was really good as well. You can listen to the message she spoke here. If only Kimmy could […]

Cali- August 12th (aka Wedding Day)

Today Derek and I woke up at 6:30a, because some dolt programmed the TV to turn on. So I shut it off and immediately fell back asleep to be awoken at 8:00a by the alarm clock, so that I could take Derek to his parent’s hotel so he could get ready for the wedding with […]

Cali- August 11th

Today starts the beginning of the wedding festivities! But first we need to make a quick stop at the beach before we head inland. So my Aunt Diana, Kimmy, and I headed off to Newport Beach, specifically the area right at 15th Street. We had a lot of fun swimming, boogey boarding and just catching […]

Cali- August 10th

Today, we went out to eat with my Aunt Diana for lunch at a strip mall that has places to eat outside along the sidewalk. Since there is a couple of different places to eat at, we chose two different restaraunts. I went to Pick Up Stix and some Pad Thai, which was good. Not […]

Cali- August 9th

I know that I am starting these after my trip, but I am going to date them along with the days I was there. Our first day we arrived in Cali about 7:00p (PST) and after getting our car, we made a bee-line for the In-N-Out in Garden Grove. This would be our first experience […]

We are Leavin’ on a Jet Plane….

Don’t know when we’ll be back again….. Actually we do. We are coming back on Monday, August 14th! I just wanted to get that song in your head. Who is singing it now? I have the…… …..for Dirk. And some kitty treats for KT’s cats, because she packed all their treats away. I am getting […]

More Of The Good Stuff!!!

Yesterday and today we had more of this beautiful weather. It was about 98° by my machine. Which I will admit was hot, but I would rather have that then the cold. Tomorrow I will be taking a day off to go spend with some friends at the Detroit Zoo. It is supposed to rain […]