Remembering Virginia Tech

Praying for the families of the victims from the massacre at Virginia Tech. This picture was the most amazing one that I have seen. I hope the students can somehow find a way to carry on.

Spring Break Trip Update #1

Some observances from a northerner…. 1) As we traveled south and made our first stop in Cincinnati, I have to say that you people in the south are lucky. When we left everything was brown and dead. The grass was brown, the trees were just barely budding, and we actually had some snow. But in […]

Soul Cravings

I finished reading Erwin Raphael McManus’ latest book entitled Soul Cravings. He breaks the book down into three main sections: Intimacy, Destiny, and Meaning, he then wraps it up with one last section called Seek. Erwin breaks down the three basic cravings that all humans have deep in their souls and then in the final […]