The Final Countdown….

It is only 9 days away until Kimmy and I leave for our cruise aboard the Pacific Catalyst! I am really excited. The captain of the ship is a fellow forumite over at YMX and ever since the days on the Youth Specialties forums, I have dreamed of going on a cruise aboard Bill’s boat. […]

Getting the Train Back on the Tracks

It looks like Michigan is getting things back on track after their first two disappointing losses. Of course not playing a team that deploys the spread offense has helped. But they do look like they have gotten some of their defensive problems worked out. And the offense is looking pretty good even with a freshman […]

Softball Fun Update

Last week I posted about my softball accident where I had taken a softball off of the knee while pitching. Well, I wanted to give an update. The picture I had originally posted was taken about an hour after I had gotten hit. Here is the one from the next day…. As you can see […]

:-) is 25 Years Old

Today at 11:44a the electronic smile 🙂 and all emoticons was born 25 years ago. And the world has never smiled the same since. So today I sent out a whole bunch of text messages letting them know and giving them a 🙂 in honor of the man who started it all. Story Here So […]

9/11 Tribute

I made this video for the church that I was a youth pastor at back on the one year anniversary of 9/11 and finally got around to uploading it to YouTube. I hope you enjoy it as you reflect on and remember what happened a little over 6 years ago on that tragic day.

Extremely Random Thoughts

So many thoughts in my head today…. First one, of course, is whether or not Michigan an win a football game today after starting this season 0-2. Fortunately, we are playing a team that is having a worst time than we are. Notre Dame has not scored an offensive touchdown yet and has scored a […]

Softball Fun!

I am playing in a fall league for softball. I love playing softball it is so much fun! The only problem is that I am a pitcher and often times the pitcher can get some serious line drives hit back at him. Especially since I am the closest to the batter. Well, today I took […]

The Bad and The Good….

So my boys in blue got their butts handed to them by those stupid Ducks. Which when you think about it is a really dumb name for a football team, not as dumb as choosing a nut for your mascot, but almost as dumb. I have no idea what is happening over in Ann Arbor, […]

What A Start To College Football!

Many of those of you that know me know that I am an avid University of Michigan fan. And after this past Saturday I can honestly say that I am still a big fan of UofM. Appalachian (App-a-la-chin) State University is one heck of a football team and has pulled off what is being called […]