Michigan May Get Their Man

Michigan has been given permission by LSU to talk with Les Miles after the SEC Championship game about the head coaching job at Michigan. I am excited about this for several reasons. 1) I believe that Michigan should hire a Michigan Man and Les Miles is, he played for and coached for the University. Plus, […]

NYWC Final Thoughts

I haven’t really had the opportunity until now to post my thoughts about the speakers on Saturday and Sunday and the NYWC in Atlanta. So I am taking the opportunity now even though it was a little over a week ago. First let me say that the people at

I Did The Ford Challenge

  This past week I came back from my trip to the NYWC in Atlanta with a friend and we had rented a car to go down there. We ended up getting a Ford Fusion and since I own a Toyota Camry it was like a took the Ford Challenge and swapped my ride. You […]

Thanksgiving 2007

Today is the traditional day of eating Turkey, spending time with family, and watching the Lions football. The Lions are carrying a 33-32-2 record into the 68th edition of the Thanksgiving Day Classic. We play the Green Bay Packers this year, which is the team we have played the most and have a 11-5-1 record […]

Driving Fun

Poor Adam was so tired that I let him sleep for a while…. OH CRAP!!! He is driving. What was I thinking. WAKE UP!!!

Adam Is Mean :)

Adam made me enter in all 743 email addresses that we got over the weekend at the YMX booth. So as he drove I had to sit and type. And then he is making me compose a personal thank you note to every single one as well. I guess it is helping make the trip […]


Adam and I stopped at a Sonic in Tennessee for a quick bite to eat. We stopped here becuase it is quick and so I can get my wife’s favorite drink, a cherry-limeade. The food was good and so was the tots, but having the cherry-limeade makes me miss my wife.

On The Road Again

Adam and I are back on the road again, but this time we are heading back home. NYWC was great and I still have a few blog posts to make about some of the sessions I heard, but I am happy to be heading home.We are driving straight through and should be home about 9:00p […]

More YMX Meeting

Here I am with Charlie (Reconciled7). He and his wife have stopped by the booth a few times and I kept forgetting to take a picture, so here it is.I have also met a few other YMXer’s that I forgot to get pictures with. That list includes: Kevin (kjw___), Chris (HunkaChunk) and Keith (GravitysWorstEnemy).

Zach Hunter: Be The Change

This is Zach Hunter, who is like any other 16 year old, except that when his mom told him about slavery he decided something needed be done about that. So he wrote a book entitled “Be The Change” and he talks about we can be the change right where we are and no matter how […]