Bloggin’ Through 2007

It is that time again to recap the past year, so I went back and looked at the first post of every month and provided a link to them below with a little commentary. January – We Interrupt This Day Of College Football…. was all about how the Detroit Lions were so disappointing once again. […]

A New Year’s Benediction

As this year closes and a new one starts I want to give a benediction for 2008. I saw this on another blog in relation to Christmas, but I wanted to use it for the New Year. I will do my normal blogging through the year post a little later in the day. A Franciscan […]

The Patriots Did It….

And so did Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Tonight was a great day if you are a fan of the NFL and especially if you are a fan of the New England Patriots. While I am first and foremost a Detroit Lions fan, I have rooted for the Patriots since 1985 as my secondary team, […]

Michigan Wins the GLI!!!

It has been since 1996 that Michigan has won the GLI and it has probably been about that long since I last got to see them play in the GLI. But they did it today! And to make Michigan’s win even better the Spartans lost the 3rd place game to first year participant Providence. So […]

Christmas is Done

Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the music, the tree, the decorations, the cheer and everything else that goes with the holiday. But for whatever reason this year was just kind of a blah year. Christmas came and went without much […]

Just to Appease My Little Sister….

Well, she is actually older (much older, I might add) but she is shorter than me so I think of her as my little sister. Anyway, she complained that I didn’t mention my other gifts, especially the one’s she got me. So I will do so now. My lovely and amazing sister got me a […]

Little Big Man

Little big man. Big enough, small enough. Big enough to be God, small enough to be baby. Big enough to create the earth, small enough to crawl on the earth. Big enough to rule us, small enough to serve us. Big enough to know our names, small enough to know His name. “God with us.” […]

Merry Christmas 2007

We did Christmas with Kimmy’s family on Saturday, because her brother and his wife went to Pennsylvania yesterday to spend Christmas with her family. My in-laws got me a Michigan hockey sweater, which is something I have wanted for a VERY long time. And then today, Kimmy and the kids gave me tickets to go […]

Holy Holiday Lights, Batman!

Last night, Kimmy and I took the kids to see “A Christmas Tale”, which was put on by Discover Church. It was a good production and it was nice to see some old friends. Too bad the visit was cut short because the fire alarm went off during the hanging out time after the production. […]