Kimmy Turns 32

Tomorrow is Kimmy’s birthday and she turns 32 years old. Sometimes I sit back and wonder how Kimmy and I stayed so young and our kids got older. Anyway, today we went to Taco Loco and had some delicious Mexican food. They have been rated as Michigan’s Best Mexican Restaurant the past couple of years […]

My Sister is Beautiful!

My sister, Shari, is wanting to get into photography for a career and so she has been taking online courses. They have her talking all sorts of photos with different settings. One of her recent projects was to take self portraits and you can see one of the ones she took on the left here. […]

One Last NYWC 2007 Post

I was finally able to get the video I took from the NYWC in Atlanta off of my phone. Here the youth pastors have gone wild with some finger rockets and Marko and Tic have foolishly gone on stage to stop us. Silly little men!

Barack Obama Interview in Christianity Today

Christianity Today did an interview with Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama. You can read it here. Just so everyone knows you can put to rest all of those stupid email rumors that he is a Muslim and refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. In fact here are my simple rules for when you get […]

It Is God’s Fault

I was reading in the Bible today the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers and how many years later he had opportunity to save them from the famine that hit Egypt. What stuck out to me about the whole story was how in Genesis 45 when Joseph revealed to his […]

I Will Be Happy When Today Ends

I am really getting sick of all the ads on TV, the phone calls, and the mailers. So I will be happy when today ends. I know it will all pick back up once the election in November kicks into high gear, but I feel like this primary has been going on since the beginning […]

Michigan Primary

Tomorrow is the Michigan Primary and so I need to finally decide whom it is that I am going to vote for. Michigan has an open primary so you choose which party it is you want to vote for when you get to the polls. So that leaves my options open. Last year I created […]

Congratulations to Les Miles and LSU

Once again the SEC is the dominant conference in college football. While I am happy that they beat the Buckeyes, I hate the fact that it just shows that the Big 10 needs to make some changes to compete. I think the hiring of Rich Rodriguez at Michigan is a big step forward. I honestly […]

Lookin’ Back and Lookin’ Ahead 2008 Edition

Last year I decided to some New Year’s Resolutions, but I think they should more appropriately be called goals. So I wanted to take some time and look at them and evaluate how I did with those and then establish some new goals for this year. Here were my goals from 2007…. 1) Do something […]

Nice Buckeye “Fans”

I just got a private message from TIMBUCKEYE08 on My ESPN, which is a place where you can create a fan profile, that said…. on a scale from 1-10 how ***** gay r u .nice sunglasses you *****.o yeah michigan ***** sucks you *****.over the last 7 yrs. osu (6-1) Obviously the “*****”s are swear […]