Do You Tweet?

Twitter is a fairly new Web 2.0 service from Evan Williams, who also created Blogger one of the biggest blogging tools before he sold it to Google. Twitter is in essence a mini-blog. You post updates of what you are doing to Twitter from your mobile phone, from the site itself or any other extra […]

Overnighter or Overnightmare?

This video has been floating around on several blogs of some of my fellow friends in student ministry. I wanted to repost it here, because I think that it is stinkin’ hilarious. I have heard overnighters referred to as overnightmares by many youth pastors, but I have to disagree. I love overnighters! I really do. […]

Larry Norman Has Died

Larry Norman was one of the greatest Christian artists of all time. I have always liked him since I first heard him as a kid. Not only was he a great musician, but he was also a great example of a Christ-follower. His passing is the equivalent of when Rich Mullins died and I am […]

My Birthday Lunch With My Family

Today, we went to Buca di Beppo in Utica, MI for my birthday lunch with my family. We were able to get the “Pope Room” and if you haven’t been to Buca let me explain what that is. Basically it is a large room that is decorated with pictures of different Popes and has a […]

123 Meme Challenge

Patti posted the 123 Meme Challenge and while she didn’t pick me. I still wanted to do it. Here are the rules…. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!) Find page 123 Find the first five sentences Post the next three sentences Tag five people I picked up the book […]

Hail To Coach Rod

Coach Rod addresses the crowd at Crisler arena during halftime of the 80-70 whipping Michigan gave OSU “I’ve been called a lot of things in the last month. Some of them haven’t been real friendly,” he quipped. “One of the best things anyone called me it was one of the former lettermen last night. He […]

I Love My Wife

Kimmy had a recent blog post about me on Valentine’s Day that brought me to tears. People who know me know that I am deeply in love with my wife and that she means the world to me. I can not even begin to think how empty my life would be today if I did […]

What is YMX?

I have been a part of YMX (Youth Ministry Exchange) since it started on 2 December 2005 (my 10 year wedding anniversary) and even before when it was being developed. Below you will find a video that describes it a little bit more and after watching it feel free to go on over and check […]

Poor Guy’s Weiner Slides Out

Story here. Don’t worry the link is completely safe. Here are a few quotes…. the women and the wiener on wheels headed south No comment. and a few well-timed tugs later Again, no comment. “But that’s the first wiener I’ve ever pulled out.” I know that was totally junior high on my part, but before […]

Now That Is Cold!

I have a picture of the thermometer in our Toyota Camry from this summer with it reading 100 degrees and now I have one with it reading 1 degrees. BRRRR!!! i would much rather have that 100 degrees one back. It was beyond booger freezing cold today. This was take your breath away cold. As […]