New Running Shoes and New Lawnmower

Last week I bought a new pair of running shoes for when I run on the treadmill at the gym and eventually (if it ever warms up) outside. My other shoes were pretty worn out and pretty cheap to begin with, so I decided to get a decent pair of shoes. I saw that Kohls […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockey!

Today, the greatest hockey player turns 80 years old. No, it isn’t Wayne Gretzky because, with all due respect, he couldn’t even hold Mr. Hockey’s jock strap. I am talking about none other than Gordie Howe the Detroit Red Wings legend, who has played in more professional hockey games and scored more goals professionally than […]

My Body is Worth $4525.00!

I am worth $750 less than Andy’s body, but I still think that is pretty good. $4525.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth. HT to Andy.

Over and Under 200

Since I moved my blog over to WordPress from Blogger about 5 months ago, I have had 241 spam comments caught by Akismet. If you don’t have Akismet installed on your blog then you are missing out on one of the coolest tools for blogging. It is so nice to know that Akismet is there […]

Let Alberto and Levi Ride

Last year Alberto Contador won the maillot jaune in le Tour de France as a part of Team Discovery Channel. And Levi Leipheimer came in third place for Team Discover Channel. Now Team Discovery Channel has disbanded and Alberto and Levi joined up with Team Astana and the ASO (Amaury Sports Organization) has banned Team […]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm….

I had a teacher at my Bible college that told us if you can’t say “amen”, say “ouch” instead. This one kind of makes me say “ouch”. It is a quote from John Wimber. Years ago in New York City, I got into a taxi cab with an Iranian taxi driver, who could hardly speak […]

God of This City by Bluetree

You can read the full story behind Bluetree’s song here. Here is a portion of the story. We were in Pattaya to be part of a praise event not far from this street, the soul purpose of which was to worship and show God’s light in a dark place. We wanted to play more than […]

What If Global Warming is a Hoax?

Much has been discussed about whether or not global warming is true. This is especially a hot topic in churches amongst Christians. With Al Gore’s advocacy of global warming, which led to him winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and his movie An Inconvenient Truth it has really pushed the issue to the forefront. I don’t […]