The Fart Fan Is In

Here is the latest bathroom update…. Before we left for Colorado Kimmy got the tile on the floor laid & grouted. Then while we were gone my dad came by to seal the grout and install the toilet. It was so nice to be able to come home and not have to go outside to […]

The End of Our Colorado Excursion

Last night was our last day in Colorado Springs with my sister. We went to Mackenzie’s Chop House to meet a nice older gentleman named Jodan that my sister, Tracey, cleaned house for. He bought us our dinner and his rule was that we were not allowed to look at the prices. Kimmy and I […]

Hiking the Seven Bridges Trail

Today we went on a hike in Cheyenne Canyon along the Seven Bridges trail. It is called Seven Bridges because you go over seven bridges along the trail. After the seventh bridge the trail gets pretty tough so we stopped at that point and walked back. But it still was about a 3-3.5 mile hike. […]

Hiking Red Rock Canyon

I took this picture while we were hiking in Red Rock Canyon. We hiked for about 2.5-3 miles. It was great there and the weather was decent, a little chilly but not bad. Mainly the wind made it cold. It was just nice to be able to check out God’s beautiful creation and to spend […]

The Bathroom is Taking Shape

The bathroom walls are now all covered with green board and hardiebacker board. And as you can see Kimmy has already tiled the floor. It is so nice to finally see all of this taking shape. It is even nicer to have all the tools and junk out of our hallway and kitchen. Life is […]

The Floor is Done

The floor is done! Well, except for Kimmy’s part, because she is my tiling queen. But I am happy to see the old original floor covered up. Now onto getting the green board and hardiebacker hung. That should go up fairly quickly and then we will mud and sand. Tomorrow Kimmy will prime the walls […]

The New Wall

The new wall is up and there was no damage to any of the siding. Everything stayed as normal. We also ended up just buying a new window and you can see that it is in place. Today we will be redoing some of the plumbing, moving the heat vent to a better spot getting […]

The Empty Bathroom

The tub is gone and so are some of the damaged studs from the carpenter ants. Kind of scary to think that the wall is held up by the old siding and the vinyl siding placed on top of it. But now the first bit of construction is finally happening. We are putting in new […]

Our Studly Bathroom

We took the bathroom down to the studs last night. I was hoping to have the bathtub removed, but it just wasn’t going to happen. We ended up running into a snag when we found that carpenter ants took up residence in the wood under our window. So today we will have to replace that […]

Bathroom Remodeling Starts

The bathroom remodeling project begins. Today we will be doing some demo. Eventually it will be taken down to the studs. The only existing part that will remain will be the toilet that is only 3 years old. Everything else will be completely brand new. It will be exciting once it is done. And we […]