Funny/Scary Videos

This video has been making it’s rounds on the net and I wanted to share it here. As disturbing and even slightly funny that that video is, I find it very funny that when David Crowder does it and somehow makes the song so much better. And I would love to hear it on his […]

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

No, I am not breaking my self-imposed ban on talking politics. I am using this reference in regards to the pathetic Detroit Lions organization. I said before that I was ready to turn in my fan card and I still don’t know why I have not. Today, they once again put a band-aid on a […]

Isn’t She Cute?

Would you like to buy her? This is our very cute Silkchon (yes, the picture on that site is of our dog), named Zoey. And the reason why I am selling her is because I need to so I can buy a new computer. Now before you think I am cruel let me tell you […]

7 Years Ago Today :'(

Today is the 7 year anniversary of the tragedy on September 11th and I wanted to post this video that I created for my church on the 1 year anniversary. It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years. I pray for all of the people that lost loved ones on that fateful […]


I just heard on the news that Lance Armstrong has decided to make a comeback. VeloNews has an article about it here. This is such great news for cycling and for me as a fan. I have always respected Lance and thought that he brought a level of integrity to the sport that it needed. […]

Rants and Raves v. 1.0

I have been thinking about a few things lately and decided to start a new thing on my blog called “Rants and Raves”. I don’t want to just rant but I also want to talk about some good things as well. And I will do my best to always make sure they are equal or […]

Why Do You Do It?

Youth Specialties is doing something new this year called “Youth Worker Appreciation Day” and here is the promo video for it. I don’t know about you, but it brought tears to my eyes. And it is yet another example of why I love doing student ministry. HT to Adam McLane.