Haiti Trip – Day 7

This is my journal entry from Wednesday, April 7th…. We went into town and met one of the local pastors, Job, that our church supports and sat with him in his home. Someone from our church had bought him a laptop, web cam and a projector to use so we were delivering it to him. […]

Haiti Trip – Day 6

This is my journal entry from Tuesday, April 6th…. We rode back today to the main mission and it was so hard to say goodbye to Mike and Teresa. They were such gracious hosts and wonderful people. I think that I may have gotten the “Haitian butt”, because the three hour ride in the tap-tap […]

Haiti Trip – Day 5

This is my journal entry from Monday, April 5th…. What an amazing day! Ti-Frane came out to see me as soon as we arrived and gave me a hug. That made me smile. 🙂 Then after the ladies took all the young kids over to the church building at the orphanage we got some of […]

Haiti Trip – Day 4

Here my journal entry from Easter Sunday…. I had the amazing opportunity to do the Bible study for the Easter service, which consisted of me giving a 20 minute teaching and then allowing time for questions afterward. I taught from Deuteronomy 6 and Mark 12 where we learn of the Great Commandment. My goal was […]

Haiti Trip – Day 3

This is the entry from my journal on Saturday, April 3…. What a great day! I was able to give Ti-Frane the clothes that my family bought him and he seemed to be very happy to have some new stuff. We bought him some shirts, shorts, pants, button down shirt, nice shoes, socks, underwear and […]

Haiti Trip – Day 2

Here is what I wrote in my journal on Day 2, which was Good Friday (April 2nd). Today we took a 4 hour tap-tap ride to go from the main mission in St. Louis du Nord to the orphanage out near Beau Champ. It is only about a 26 mile trip but it takes 4 […]

Haiti Trip – Day 1

Two weeks ago I landed in Haiti for my first foreign mission trip ever and I am going to be blogging about my experience everyday just like if I had been able to do it while I was there. I technically left on Wednesday but we flew from Dayton, OH to Dallas, TX and then […]